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From an E-mail from Robert Rimmer (long time Family Synergy member):

Log in and click into my alternate life style library with pictures of my novels in print and out of print and how to get them. Click into the complete chapter 3 from my non-fiction book Let's really Make Love and read my proposal for a Federal Commission -- Future families of America and see how the Federal Government could create GLUE a Guaranteed Loving Undergraduate Education for all high-school graduates with no loans and no pay back. Click into a synopsis of Dreamer of Dreams . one of my five unpublished novels, that all major publishers, and minor fiction publishers have refused to read! Read the first chapter. If you wish to read the complete novel, check my unique (first time by any author) offer.

Contact me by e-mail ( and you can buy Dreamer of Dreams on a disc in text. Read it on your monitor or print it out in sections, or all at once. Your response will prove to publishers that there are a million or more people out there - Rimmer enthusiasts -- who enjoy novels, like Harrad, Yale Marratt, Proposition 31, Thursday My Love, and many others, published. unpublished and out of print, with good story lines that are 21st century oriented and give them something to think about!

Happy webbing and reading! - - - - - - Bob Rimmer

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