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Updated: 5/13/07

Family Synergy (FS) is a Social/Educational Club in Southern California supporting Open Relationship. It is a place to explore alternatives to traditional monogamy in a warm, supportive, humanistic atmosphere.

We're a non-profit social/networking group exploring alternative loving relationships (i.e. polyamory, polyfidelity). Our objectives are to facilitate discussion and the exchange of ideas, the collection and dissemination of information about the expanded family in all its forms as well as on open relationships and group living. We also wish to provide ways for people interested in furthering, researching, or participating in these alternative lifestyles to meet, to get to know, and to keep in touch with one another.

Open Relationships, Polygamy and Sex Dolls

Were going to discuss everything you need to know as it relates to open

relationships, polygamy, and sex dolls today. Were not afraid to dive deep into topics that many dont want to discuss out in the public, because to us, sex dolls and polygamists are not things we should shame they are thing we should celebrate.

Here at the Poly Ring, we believe that humans were intended for polygamist arrangements. Maintaining a singular relationship with just one human being for the entirety of our lives does not work with our psyche. Thats why more than half of marriages end in divorce today, our souls yearn for something greater. We yearn for connection to the entire universe, which means just one person isnt going to leave us feeling full.

Lets look a little deeper.

Open Relationships

An open relationship implies that two people like each other and want to be together, but that they also dont want to cut off their other physical options. So although they might date, and even share a home or apartment, they are free to experience sexual intercourse and mingle with other people. This kind of arrangement is incredibly satisfying for a lot of people, providing individuals with everything that their heart desires lust and love, all at the same time. Lean more about making an open relationship work

Many celebrities are secretly in open relationships. If only they felt more comfortable to share it.


Polygamy takes this concept one step further by bringing the title of husband and wife into the picture. Polygamists believe that they can have more than one wife or husband at the same time. This concept has been around since the beginning of mankind, with multiple religions still practicing this today. That way, legal structures bind the individuals to each other making it less fluid than an open relationship.

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are growing in popularity today as they become more and more realistic in appearance. Sex dolls made from TPE and can replicate all of your wants and desires in an inanimate object. Made for sex, these dolls are equipped with large breasts, pulsating labia, and silky soft skin that will leave your drooling from across the room. Many couples are permitting these dolls to join in on their married, or open, love lives leaving both partners more stimulated than before. Sex dolls are a great addition to any kind of dying attraction.

Were open to all of these topics and considerations here at Poly Ring. We believe that you have the right to do whatever you want with your body, and that something as old and historic as polygamy is a concept to be celebrated. We are not offended by the different we are offended that more people wont modernize their beliefs and consider new ways of thinking today.

Is this club for ME? Women, with or without partners, are especially welcome to join.

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Big Bear, CA -

The 2007 conference dates and location have been announced!

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