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What are open relationships?

There are two major components to an open relationship:

First, the relationship is a contract which is based upon a continuing, open dialogue between the partners. All aspects of the relationship are subject to being redefined or renegotiated at any time. The relationship is dynamic, rather than static, and it reflects the changing needs and circumstances of the partners.

Second, the relationship is inclusive, rather than exclusive. This means that, in addition to the primary partners, other persons may be included in intimate and/or sexual activities. Interacting with others outside the primary relationship enriches the primary relationship.

How the notion of open relationships is played out varies considerably, and is a function of the contract between the primary partners.

Also see our list of Poly definitions .

Is Family Synergy (FS) for me? To find out whether FS might be for you, please answer the following questions for yourself:
  • Are you comfortable sharing intimacy with people of diverse backgrounds?
  • Do you treat members of both genders as your equal?
  • Are you comfortable when people get close to you?
  • Are you comfortable with nudity among friends?
  • Are you comfortable saying "NO" when you feel it is in your best interest?
  • Can you enjoy social gatherings without needing alcohol or drugs?
  • Can you enjoy an intimate relationship without needing to control your partner?
  • Can you be non-judgmental about the practice of open relationships among your friends?
  • Can you talk to a potential sexual partner about safe sex?
If you can answer "yes" to the above questions then Family Synergy might be for you.

What kind of organization is Family Synergy? Family Synergy is a Non-Profit Social and Educational Club

Family Synergy is open to those over the age of 18 who are interested in the purposes of FS, are respectfuly tolerant of those whose lifestyles may be different from their own, and who have fulfilled the requirements for full membership.

In order to become a full member of FS, you must first become a provisional member and attend three provisional member approved events and receive an orientation within a six month period.

Our activity calendar includes educational speakers on topics of interest to our members, Sunday brunches, massages, theater outings, game nights, and Events, to name a few.

To join Family Synergy please print, complete and mail a copy of our Provisional Membership Application
How are we different from a swinger's club?

We are not a swing club. Some of our members are "evolved swingers" attracted to FAMILY SYNERGY because of its focus on deeper relationships. We believe that sex is good, is an expression of love, and that people should (as long as their partner(s) agrees) have the right to explore extra-relationship sex or multiple sexual contacts. However, we also believe that sex offers the most fulfillment when used as an expression of caring and that no one need ever feel obligated to indulge in it. We as fervently believe in the right of people to say "NO" to a sexual encounter as we support their right to ask for what they want.

Being a volunteer-run organization, FAMILY SYNERGY is, and will become, whatever the membership needs and gives. As the membership changes, so do our human resources. The FAMILY SYNERGY organization is only the framework that allows its members to explore and experience the many variations of alternative family styles.

What is the Family Synergy membership like? Currently (11/02) FS has over 200 full, life, and provisional members.
What are the events like? Events are the highlight of our activity calendar. We try to have at least one event each month. Most are held in the homes of Family Synergy members and may be either a permissive event or non-permissive event.   Permissive event, which only members can attend, means that sexual contact is permitted on the premises at that event. It DOES NOT mean that participation in sex is expected or required. Typically a certain area of the house will be designated as the "permissive area." Of course, that would usually be the area of the house where the bedrooms are. When a permissive event, is announced in our monthly newsletter, the arrangements with regards to making a reservation to attend will be described in the write-up. One should not encounter any surprises regarding sexual contact when one arrives at a permissive event. We have written guidelines regarding acceptable behavior at permissive events, which are reviewed at the Provisional Member's Orientation. While many of our members do enjoy participating in permissive activities, some members choose not to do so.

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