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Wild West dancing girl Family Synergy's
"Wild Wild West"
28th Annual
Conference and Reunion!

August 23-25, 2002
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Each year, Family Synergy hosts its annual conference in the Southern California area. Only those persons who are members, either full members or provisional (new) members, may attend the conference. A facility is booked that will allow attendees to swim, sunbathe and participate throughout the facility in the nude. The conference is a clothing optional function. You are not REQUIRED to be unclothed. The choice is yours to make. The only persons allowed in the hotel, except for some cleaning staff, are conference attendees.

A large number of events are planned. Guest speakers are scheduled who can speak and/or teach about the various lifestyles Family Synergy is accepting of. Family Synergy members conduct various workshops, discussion groups and/or learning events throughout the conference.  

Of special interest to the provisional (new) member; if the provisional member has attended at least one provisional (new) member-qualifying event that was scheduled previous to conference, the provisional member can complete all full membership requirements by attending the conference.

This years dates: August 23 to 25, 2002 In Palm Springs, CA.  

Mark these dates on your calendar now so you won't miss out on this wonderful event.

All inclusive price $450 per couple or $320 per single in a private room

This years featured events include:
Puga Party
Friday, 7:30pm to 9:30 pm
Led By Jwala
Author of "Sacred Sex", Ecstatic Techniques for Empowering Relationships"
Tantra for Lovers
Saturday, 9:30am to 6:00pm
Instructors: Brook and Jim Gunther
Certified Tantric Educators (CTE) Reiki Master Teachers
Live Demonstrations on Sacred Spot techniques - The truth about Amrita-female ejaculate known as the nectar of the Gods - Increase your Lovemaking skills - Breathing during lovemaking - Freeing the Female Orgasm - Advanced Sacred Spot Techniques - All about Chakras-energy centers of the body - Sexual healing for men - Healing and erotic Touch - The 6 modalities of touch
And much more

To attend the 2002 Conference:
  1. Be or become a member of Family Synergy,
  2. Send in a Conference Registration and payment before the Conference.
Cost: (see registration form)

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