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A Call for Assistance for Family Synergy Family Synergy’s current membership is ~80 members with provisional applications arriving monthly.  The treasury is in good shape, and there are no serious personality conflicts among the board members and members at large.  We have a 2006 Conference planned and it promises to be an opportunity to revitalize our organization, our spirits, and our family connections.  This would indicate that Family Synergy is a thriving and vital organization, but there are some serious concerns.  

Approximately ten people (1/8 of our membership) are the ones who are doing all the work to keep the organization alive.  There are only eighteen registrants for the 2006 conference, our major event of the year – a discouraging indication of lack of interest.  In addition, the attendance at monthly events has been decreasing; it seems we are not planning events that interest the membership.  The Board has asked for suggestions, but very little response has been received.  So where are all those of you who believe in the Family Synergy philosophy?  Why are you not participating?

Fifteen years ago Family Synergy also faced a crisis.  At that time a committee came together and revitalized the organization.  In the recent past, the organization had a financial crisis.  In both of these circumstances, Family Synergy survived and retained our vitality.  Now there seems to be a greater amount of apathy.

The Board is asking for your assistance at the meeting on July 8th in Torrance at 10:00 am.  Please attend and participate in the decisions about the future of Family Synergy.

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